Hello everybody,

Well it’s been a while hasn’t it!! I thought I would start my blogs back up by doing a what I eat in a day as most of you like them. I think this will be a good way for me to motivate myself to continue my weight loss journey as I’m flagging a bit.

So yesterday for breakfast I made myself a really simple ham omelette with baked beans. This was such a good way to fill myself up with protein so I didn’t get as hungry as normal throughout the morning. There is definitely something in having a protein rich breakfast to keep you full. My HEA was the milk I put in the omelette and the left over for my coffee throughout the day.

As snacks I had my trusty fruit and my HiFi light bars which were my HEB for the day. My banana is normally gone by about half past eight as I have been in work for half an hour but it has been around two hours since breakfast by this time. At around half ten I had my first HiFi bar which was the new limited edition sticky toffee bar. This was insanely good and kept me happy until lunch time!!

We roll on to lunch where I had leftover bolognese from the night before. I teamed it with rice instead of pasta as I’d had a lot of pasta the night before and needed to start using my syns. This rice was only two syns!! I also ate my pear and apple along with my last HiFi bar which was my classic salted caramel flavour.

I had my orange at around half past two as this is when I normally have another snack and this is something that I eat slowly so fills me up quicker.

Finally we have dinner. Because I was so busy I had to have a ‘ding’ dinner so I had a Slimming World meal which was totally Syn Free. These dishes are available in Iceland and they taste amazing. As you can see I went for the Chinese style banquet rice which was filling and delish!!

What do you normally eat in a day? If you want more of these or even a video to show the food prep leave a comment!!

Blog you later



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