Mum and Dad’s Surprise Anniversary Party πŸ’•

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Mollie and I wanted to plan a surprise party for our parents 25th Wedding Anniversary. It took months of planning and we had to find a date that mostly everybody could make.

When looking for a venue we decide on the place where mum and Dad originally had their wedding reception. Although the venue has changed hands from the Beauport Park Hotel to Bannatyne’s Hotel Hastings it was still beautiful and we by chance hired the room that the original reception was in!! The staff at the hotel were amazing, so hospitable and welcoming. We booked the afternoon tea because my mum doesn’t like parties and this solution was classy and sophisticated.

I had a cake made by an ex colleagues sister. Created by Diamonds made a lemon and vanilla cake which was delish!!! I sent her the design I wanted and she made exactly that but better I would highly recommend her services for cake making!!!

We decorated the room with not a huge budget so we found somewhere that made personalised balloons and got two made up, we also bought some 25 balloons and confetti balloons but the confetti balloons were awful!!!! I bought a papier-mΓ’chΓ© 2 and 5 and painted them silver to go on the cake table and our creative Nanny made some table centrepieces using flowers that were the same colour as Mum’s wedding dress.

Overall we had an amazing afternoon and our parents loved the surprise (I have made a vlog of the journey which you can check out on my YouTube channel Amy Worth)!! I loved planning the party and it came off with great success!!

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