A week in the New Forest

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This week has been our yearly family trip to the New Forest! I forgot how stunning the place is and to be here before the summer holidays was such a bonus because the forest was quiet and we were able to enjoy it a whole lot more. We visited our usual spots of Lymington and Burley as well as Brockenhurst (but that doesn’t count because that’s where the cottage is). We visited the New Forest Ice Cream Parlour in Lymington and I’m telling you if you want delicious ice cream in a gorgeous setting visit this spot!! We also went to the Burley Fudge Shop and chose out the treats for friends back home! This place sells all different flavours of fudge from malteaser to baileys. We couldn’t go to the Forest and not go to our favourite restaurant in the whole of Hampshire!! We went to La Pergola on the Thursday evening and as a marker of how good the food is, my 83 year old granddad who hasn’t eaten a full meal in around five years managed to eat 3 courses!!! Overall I had another amazing time making memories and if you are looking for a place to visit in England this is your spot.

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