I never used to be a huge fan of orange squash I thought it was too strong and had a weird aftertaste. However, this no added sugar orange and mango squash from Tesco is amazing! It is so refreshing and does not leave an awful taste in your mouth. I have been having one bottle of it a day and then topping myself up with water once my bottle is empty. This is the kind of drink I can guzzle really quickly and it does not make me feel awful. If you are looking for a new summer squash I definitely recommend you give this one a go!!

I am in love with George Ezra’s new album Staying at Tamara’s!! I have been a fan of his and have always listened to his music but he has excelled himself with this amazing album. It is constantly on repeat on my Spotify whether I am in the shower, driving or just in the mood to listen to some music. It is a real feel good album and I’m not afraid to be belting the songs out whenever they come on. I would love to go and see this guy in concert and see how he will perform the tracks from his new album.

One thing I have learnt about weight loss is that you soon grow out of any clothes you may own and they start to look oversized and really misshapen. I am a big fan of oversized clothing but I know when I start to look scruffy at work because my clothes are too big. Which is why I am in love with oversized shirts at the moment!! They are perfect to pair with leggings and ankle boots or ballet pumps and you can still look smart in your work clothes! My favourite oversized top isn’t suitable for work but, it is the Boohoo curve check shirt that I have posted many a time on my Instagram account!!

Have any of you guys seen Death in Paradise?? Since my mum introduced me to this series I have not been able to stop watching it. It is such an easy show to watch and you can alternate between different episodes in a series because they aren’t linked together. I love having this on the TV in the background when I am doing work for my Guide Unit as it does not require your full attention. It can be so funny in places throughout and I always find myself laughing away. The only downside with this show is that I am constantly wanting to go somewhere hot and sunny for a holiday because it is filmed in Guadeloupe.

One of my top purchases for this month has to be my Carvela Kurt Geiger oversized Tote. I adore everything about this bag from the colouring to the size, it has not left my side since I purchased it as the bag has so many compartments and is the perfect size for everything I carry around. It is also quite a heavy bag which means people who should not be handling it are put off when they lift it up. I found this bag at the Ashford Outlet Centre so got it at a discount price but to be honest the full price would have been totally worth it!!

I have recently been told a lot that I could survive in the I’m a Celebrity jungle because at the moment I am loving eating rice and beans. These beans have got tomato sauce on them though so I think that is a bit of a novelty for the jungle and they just have plain beans. I find rice and beans to be really comforting and warming food and it is a really quick lunch to do if you are having a really busy day!! It is also syn free or 1 syn dependant on how you make it (for those of you on Slimming World) so it is one of my go to foods if there is nothing in the house!!! Some people I know do find this combination a bit weird but for me it is a bit like having beans on toast just with rice instead! I find it is also more filling than beans on toast because rice doesn’t go soggy and therefore you have to chew it more.

If you are local to East Sussex and want somewhere amazing to go for brunch then I highly recommend the Pelican Diner on Hastings Seafront. This is one of my favourite haunts and I have spent many a Sunday morning in there. You will have to book a table as it is only a small place but the food is delish!!

My last April favourite is the Colgate Plax Whitening Mouthwash. This mouthwash has really had an effect and has made my teeth whiter in the couple of months I have been using it. I am really funny about mouthwash but this does not taste horrible and is really refreshing!! I would really recommend this product as it is fairly cheap and great for those who struggle with mouthwash!!

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