My Weight Loss Journey – the beginning

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I have always been a person who struggles with their weight. From a young age I seemed to be just as active as some of the other people at school but I couldn’t shift it, I would swim, play cricket and even play football in PE with the lads. My Weight has always been the one thing I am most self-conscious about and as much as I tried to lose weight it stuck around. When I started secondary school I became more and more conscious of the fact that I was not the same size as the other girls, I joined the gym and swam as often as I could and I found that although I was losing a little bit of weight I was still big. College was when I really tried to find a way to get rid of the weight and keep it off. I tried protein shakes from Protein World because along with my gym work I thought this would help when in actual fact the shakes tasted vile and didn’t show any sign of helping apart from helping me waste money! I tried the Dukan diet which was where you would eat meat and eggs for a week, then start introducing veg and gradually introduce carbs. Again this just made me feel grumpy and tired because my body was not getting the nutrients I needed. I was still going to the gym and doing circuits training but to no avail. When I started my second proper job I had a friend message me about Herbalife, I had never heard of the company before and went along to find out more. I ended up signing up to get some shakes, aloe solution and tea which were supposed to aid my weight loss as a meal replacement. I had already tried shakes before so was a little reluctant because again these were also really expensive products. I wish I had never bought these products to be frankly honest because they again did not have any effect on aiding my weight loss. I became really quite depressed because it seemed nothing would work in helping me to lose weight and I just kept getting heavier. That was until this year! I had seen on a Facebook post that one of my school friend’s Mum was setting up her own Slimming World group. She has had amazing results from doing Slimming World herself however, I was a little adamant when I went along to the first meeting. I thought it would just be another thing that ate my money and I would gain nothing from going. So, back in January I joined up at the group at my heaviest weight ever. I have now been going to the group for 12 weeks and I have already lost a stone and a half! I know I still have a long way to go because as you can see from the title this is just the beginning for me but, since going to this group and having support from like-minded people I have learnt to love food in a whole new way. I am learning so much from Slimming World and I can’t wait to continue learning and seeing the progress, I can happily say that the one and a half stone that I have lost will not be coming back and I cannot wait to continue my journey to my target!!

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