What I eat in a day – 5

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Hello everybody

I can’t believe I am writing my fifth version. I am trying to mix up my food and not eat things that I would turn to on a regular basis because I know I like them so hopefully these meals are a bit more interesting.

Let’s start where I always start and that is with breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I tend to drag it out over a couple of hours because I find it really difficult to eat in the morning. On this particular day I chose to have a slice of whole grain toast which is my HEB with a teaspoon of butter (2syns) and marmite (free). I then drove myself to work where I finished breakfast with a chopped kiwi (free) a chopped banana (free) and some strawberries (speed).

For my snacks during the day I had an apple (speed) and a satsuma (speed). Then we move on to lunch which particularly on my busy days I like to be a hot meal. I made myself the Slimming World chicken fajitas for dinner the evening before so I had the leftovers from that which is spiced chicken (free) peppers (speed) and onion (speed) and paired it with some cous cous (free) and baked beans (free) it really filled me up and was warming on a cold snowy day. I like to have something sweet after food so I had a salted caramel hifi bar (3 syns) and a toffee muller light yogurt (free)

I had a really busy evening which required me to be out of my house until around 9pm. For me this is too late to eat so what I try to do is have something made that I can take with me. My dad so kindly made me a tuna pasta salad with dried pasta (free), tuna (free), 1 tablespoon of reduced fat mayonnaise (2syns, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and beetroot (all speed foods). Again this is a really filling meal and was quick and easy for me to eat whilst preoccupied with other things.

It’s amazing what you can eat around a really busy day and still keep within your syn value. I am really loving my weight loss journey!! πŸ’•

Blog you later



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